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The Struggle Continues 20 years anniversary orange vinyl (PRE-ORDER)
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The Struggle Continues 20 years!

Happy birthday to our beloved second album The Struggle Continues! 20 years goes by fast when you’re having fun. We made a few exclusive merch pieces for this occasion which you can find over at the DVSG shop. Here’s some of our thoughts on the album:

I remember the actual recording process of this album as quite a struggle. On the one hand, we probably wanted to surpass ourselves from the debut musically, and on the other hand, maybe we felt a certain pressure from the outside as well.
Anyway, we managed to create something that many hip-hop heads out there grew up with and we feel enormous pride in that.
This album took us out into the world. We got to perform on new continents and meet lots of new people around the world. – Cosmic

Worst recording experience ever. Best album ever! – Supreme

All beats were made on an MPC2000, SP-12 and Motif 7. Mixed from reel-to-reel tape by me and Vladi Vargas during the very long hot summer of 2002 – Embee

Stay tuned for more TSC related merch plus the anniversary vinyl dropping soon!

LTR Peace hoodie

New LTR peace hoodie out now!

Because of the uncertain times in the world we have decided that all profits from this new drop will go to Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). They offer assistance to people based on need. It doesn’t matter which country they are from, which religion they belong to, or what their political affiliations are. They give priority to those in the most serious and immediate danger. Check out doctorswithoutborders.org for more info!

Buy the hoodie here!

MDCS 20 years!

I remember it was a big step for us to release an album and together with a proper record label too. We were used to doing everything ourselves but since Burning Heart was from the punk scene we felt relatively comfortable. Though they did want to press the album on CD, which made us a little suspicious haha… We actually got some criticism for that too.
– Cosmic

Yesterday marked the 20th birthday of our debut album Modern Day City Symphony. Wow, twenty years already?

To tell the truth it dates back even further than that if you consider that most of the songs were written, recorded and produced between 98-99. From that perspective it’s basically a true testament to the gritty, cold and scary but intriguing place the world was before the shift into the new millennium. In another way I look at the album as a summing up of everything we had learned so far since the formation of the band in the early nineties. However, I still learned that the compiling, and ready-making of a full-length album takes a lot longer than I thought when I was rapping ”Embee, I’m coming down to Gothenburg in October/ stay ’til November, drop an LP around December/ A classic, for hiphoppers to remember! (Fever)” Without that naïve attitude, chances are that we would have felt overwhelmed by the big task we were about to take on. So while the last part of those lines obviously was the only thing I got right, that’s also all that matters twenty years down the line.
– Promoe

We are truly honored, blessed and moved by all the feedback we got from all of you fans reaching out with your own fantastic stories and memories surrounding this album. It has naturally been a great part of our lives, which makes it even more beautiful to read and hear that it’s been such a big part of yours as well.

Promoe, Cosmic, Embee & Supreme