Isak’sSon “Rowanberry Jam”

The 93 Feet Beats series is back again with a new release and this time with Isak’sSon aka Cosmic behind the boards! He previously did ”The Art of Losing” album for Promoe and a another Promoe album produced by him is coming this spring. ”Rowanberry Jam” is however the solo debut as a producer.

The title refers to his old neighborhood Rönnby in Västerås which is the place where he started exploring the world of making music. This album is a fine collection of soulful creations as well as some more classic straight forward beats. Always presented with that melancholic Västmanland vibe…

Catch the tape here!
As always, artwork by the mighty Matte Supreme.

Embee – The Beauty of a Broken Record

Embee‘s contribution to the 93 Feet Beats series is out now! It goes by the name of “The Beauty of a Broken Record” and once again he’s proving to the world that he’s one of the best out there. The cassette sold out quickly in the shop but there’s a refill coming so stay awake for that. If you want to be notified when it’s back in stock you can submit your email here. Also, check out David vs Goliath on Spotify and go follow the official 93 Feet Beats playlist plus the all new 93 Chill Infinity playlist with straight up instrumental hiphop vibes.