The Casual Brothers – Grey EP limited vinyl!


It’s here! The limited vinyl release of The Casual Brothers Ep “Grey”. Only 300 copies made. Numbered by hand by Cosmic and Embee.
Special pre order deal! Now 129 SEK (≈13,50 EUR).
After official release date (27/1) 149 SEK (≈15,75 EUR).

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The Casual Brothers – “Guarantees” feat. Ayla Shatz


The Casual Brothers – “Guarantees” feat. Ayla Shatz is out now!

We all want to feel good about life and ourselves but sometimes the fear of failure may be inhibitory. Some things you simply can’t control no matter how hard you try. ”Guarantees” is about that. The search for assurances that everything will work out and the search for the balance between sticking to what you got or plunging into uncertainty.

”Too much uncertainty haunting me, doubts lurking in the shades always following me.
Take my blindfolds let me see that crystal ball, and give me good news otherwise nothing at all.”

“Guarantees” on Spotify /// “Guarantees” on iTunes /// “Grey” EP on Spotify

The Casual Brothers – “Mind” out now!


Mind“, the second release from the EP “Grey” is out now!

The lyrics are written in first person, but is about one of Cosmic’s best friends who a few years ago was really deep in a drug addiction but managed to turn his life around and become clean.

”Looking for some red hot love but all I seem to get is different shades of cool grey on my palette. Trying to navigate through the haze with a fried brain that’s been awake for days.”

Out now on Spotify and iTunes!

The Casual Brothers – Grey


It’s all about The Casual Brothers these days. New music will drop from the duo every Friday for a few weeks. The full EP is named “Grey” and “Melange” already dropped last week. The EP will be released like this:
Oct 07 – Melange feat. Ayla Shatz
Oct 14 – Mind
Oct 21 – Guarantees feat. Ayla Shatz
Oct 28 – One, Change & Selectah

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Svensk Rap Målarbok


Supreme has a new project together with our friend Ametist Azordegan, titled “Svensk Rap Målarbok”. It’s a coloringbook featuring Swedish rappers! All illustrations by Supreme. Out on Dokument Press October 13th.
Pre-order is up today at
Worldwide shipping!

The Casual Brothers is back!


Big news from Cosmic & Embee!
They have reunited as the infamous duo The Casual Brothers again and recorded a hand full of tracks that’ll be released very soon. We will report all news about this upcoming release so stay tuned!
In the meantime get social with the brothers over at Facebook and Instagram.