New LTR track Hibernation featuring Ayla is out now. Check it out here!
Part 2017 in the never-ending series about our bi-polar nation or Hibernation, where we swing with the pendulum between depression during the dark period, and mania during the short time of light and warmth. As so many times before it’s the music that finally leads the way towards the light at the end of the 9 month long tunnel of darkness, and helps us to break free.

Promoe – Still Bangin

Promoe is back with a banger! Still Bangin is out now on all streaming outlets.

100 miles and running type of vibe on this one. Recorded with Collén up in Sundsvall a couple of years back, echoing of the two most prominent R’s in hiphop.
Trying to capture the stifling feeling of being told to keep doing the same thing you as an artist have left behind a long time ago, and turning that negative feeling into a banging track.

Love Bomb

We are very grateful for all the support and appreciation we’ve received over the years. Too easily we forget to give thanks to the people who help us reach our goals. Those who inspired us and continue to inspire us daily!

Hopefully we can return at least some of the love. We simply want to lovebomb everyone who’s fighting the good fight and is bringing something positive into this world.

Love Bomb is out now on all streaming services —> https://LTR25.lnk.to/LoveBomb

Don’t forget that you can find all LTR 25 releases in our playlist on Spotify!

Embudo – Blue Notes In Full Color

Blue Notes In Full Color is the culmination of a trans-Atlantic collaboration between Stockholm, Sweden-based Embee (Looptroop Rockers) and Seattle, WA-based Budo (Macklemore). The two met while touring the US together in 2009, became fast friends, and began collaborating together in 2012. Blue Notes In Full Color is a journey through psychedelic tapestries of sound. It is at once expansive and emotional, epic and intimate. It will carry you across genres and into beautifully uncharted territory, and yet is firmly rooted in the Hip Hop background that both of these musicians hold close. It is an experience worthy of headphones and massive systems alike. We love this record, and hope you’ll join us as we dig into Blue Notes In Full Color.
Artwork by Matt Flowers for Wax Era.

Check it out here: https://ltr25.lnk.to/BlueNotesInFullColor

LTR 25 playlist on Spotify: LTR 25.

Promoe – Vegan Pussy

The eternal food and sex theme, this time chopped up raw by The Vegan Dictator. Promoe bends over backwards to serve you the most tongue twisting lyrics your taste buds had in a long while, to go along with the juicy fresh beats produced by Collén. Bon appetit!

The new Promoe banger Vegan Pussy is up and running on all streaming services. Check it out here: https://ltr25.lnk.to/VeganPussy

LTR – The Shoes of a World Traveler

UPDATE! The new Looptroop Rockers tune “The Shoes of a World Traveler” is out now! Check it out here: https://ltr25.lnk.to/TheShoes

For various reasons we have to make some rearrangements in the release schedule. This means that Promoe‘s track “Vegan Pussy” will drop next Friday instead and this weekend we’ll release a Looptroop Rockers track called “The Shoes of a World Traveler”. We will update you when it’s out!