Embee – The Beauty of a Broken Record

Embee‘s contribution to the 93 Feet Beats series is out now! It goes by the name of “The Beauty of a Broken Record” and once again he’s proving to the world that he’s one of the best out there. The cassette sold out quickly in the shop but there’s a refill coming so stay awake for that. If you want to be notified when it’s back in stock you can submit your email here. Also, check out David vs Goliath on Spotify and go follow the official 93 Feet Beats playlist plus the all new 93 Chill Infinity playlist with straight up instrumental hiphop vibes.

DVSG news!


It’s been a busy summer in the DVSG headquarters.
Edition 2 and 3 of the 93 Feet Beats series is out on cassette as well as digitally. Beautiful vibes from Shanti Blanco and Gravy Sparks!
Embee & Sandra Isabel dropped a soulful two track EP called Dirty Laundry.
Promoe and Blizz Bugaddi released a summer jam together with Linn Segolson named Footwork that came with a dope animated video.
Also be sure to check out and follow David vs Goliath on Spotify.

DJ Large – So Far So Good

David vs Goliath‘s new instrumental project 93 Feet Beats is now officially launched with DJ Large as the first producer to get some shine.
Check out his dope album “So Far So Good“. Out on all platforms now! It was also released on cassette that sold out quick but fill out your email here and get noticed when more tapes is on the way.

Promoe – Dawgmatics

Promoe‘s new single Dawgmatics is out now!
Check your preferred streaming service.

“Dawgmatics” is the second and last single before the album drops. The track is inspired by early 90’s jungle from the UK. Promoe and producer Isak’sSon (Cosmic) always had love for reggae and dancehall but there’s something about the energy in jungle that’s so uncompromising and raw.

“This reflects the contradiction of our work ethic! On the one hand, we’re working dogmatically, systematically and without beginning or end. On the other hand, we are lazy dawgs playfully playing music.” – Promoe

Artwork: Klara Bartilsson. Mix + master: Karl “Kyaal” Lund.