Promoe – Vegan Pussy

The eternal food and sex theme, this time chopped up raw by The Vegan Dictator. Promoe bends over backwards to serve you the most tongue twisting lyrics your taste buds had in a long while, to go along with the juicy fresh beats produced by Collén. Bon appetit!

The new Promoe banger Vegan Pussy is up and running on all streaming services. Check it out here:

LTR – The Shoes of a World Traveler

UPDATE! The new Looptroop Rockers tune “The Shoes of a World Traveler” is out now! Check it out here:

For various reasons we have to make some rearrangements in the release schedule. This means that Promoe‘s track “Vegan Pussy” will drop next Friday instead and this weekend we’ll release a Looptroop Rockers track called “The Shoes of a World Traveler”. We will update you when it’s out!

Embee & Ayla – Sweet

Embee & Ayla – “Sweet” is out now on all digital services!
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We all go through heavy periods in life when everything feels dark and miserable. But “after rain comes the sunshine”. Sweet describes the feeling of freedom and harmony that fills us when everything finally falls in place. The moment when we begin to feel strong and look forward to everyday life again. Ayla reflects on this great feeling and how much music and melodies are brightening life.

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Promoe & Embee – Run Deep

Promoe & Embee – Run Deep is out now!
Check it out here:

Inspired by the Sahara and Palestine marathons, whose slogans are ‘I run best when I run free’ and ‘Right to movement’ respectively.

This is running on a spiritual level, deep into yourself. Running on a social level, for everyone’s right to movement, across all borders. For everyone’s right to freedom.


Upcoming tourdates

Check out some LTR and Promoe shows this summer!

2017 06 03 The Rap Race, Västerås | Looptroop Rockers

2017 07 01 Västerås Cityfestival, Västerås | Promoe
2017 07 02 Airfield, Sibiu (Romania) | Looptroop Rockers
2017 07 15 Kolding Get Down, Kolding (Denmark) | Promoe
2017 07 21 Galota FEST
Nové Mesto nad Váhom (Slovakia) | Looptroop Rockers
2017 07 29 Sun Dance Park, Jihlava (Czech Republic) | Looptroop Rockers

2017 08 05 Sichtfeld Openair, Gipf-Oberfrick (Switzerland) | Looptroop Rockers
2017 08 20 Out4fame, Dortmund (Germany) | Looptroop Rockers

Motivation Music

New track called Motivation Music is up now everywhere. Hope you dig it!
Check out all links here:

They say that some songs write themselves. And maybe some songs do we write mostly for ourselves? Sometimes those songs are the most reflective and honest ones. When it’s not about convincing someone else or convincing yourself. Perhaps more remind yourself or formulate your own thoughts.

It becomes clear that we are motivated by people more than anything else. At the end of the day it’s relationships and meetings that drive us forward!