Promoe & Embee – Terroritmo

Terroritmo is the musical manifestation of the forces, within the people and our environment, that will finally overthrow a system which is completely disconnected from humanity’s true nature, and that has turned a blind eye to the climate change meanwhile it’s drowning us.

Promoe & EmbeeTerroritmo is out now! Choose your favorite distributor here.

Embee & Ayla – Easy Love

A tribute to uncomplicated love and the little things in life. How a Sunday with your soul mate can be the best thing and how incredibly amazing it can make you feel when forming an entity with another person. About how communication through looks and body language can fill you up with euphoria and confidence for the future. Easy Love is a pure homage to what makes life worth – love!

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Good Times For A Change feat. Chords

Only good thing about bad times: it’s good times for a change.

Globally and politically we’re going through disastrous times, and there’s not much to rejoice about. Except that things can’t get much worse, and that people are getting fed up with being trampled upon and deceived. The concoction of those factors may lead to the change we’re so much in need for.

Good Times For A Change feat. Chords is out now. Check it out here!

TCB – Ha Ha (That’s Right) feat. Trainspotters & MC Hans

Cosmic & Embee aka The Casual Brothers is back and this time with a classic hiphop banger! We called up Erk and Käp from Trainspotters (Random Bastards) and
MC Hans
from next generation leaders Eboniks. DJ Chefen also joined and added some scratch to make the cipher complete. Together, we created almost six minutes of uncompromising straight up rap.

Check it out here!

Embudo – While Brightening The Clouds

While Brightening the Clouds (WBTC) is the second EP from Embudo. Comprised of Embee and Budo (Macklemore, etc), the duo has been working across the ocean for a few years on this collaborative project. WBTC pushes the boundaries of their first EP, Blue Notes in Full Color, even further. The duo experiments here with textures, contrast, intensity, and beauty in new and surprising ways.

The Embudo project has provided an opportunity for both artists to adopt a new, shared identity by taking risks and exploring beyond the boundaries of anything they’ve done before. Brighten Them Clouds!

Check out the EP here! Artwork by Matt Flowers for Wax Era.

Tiny Hands

“I’ve said if Looptroop wasn’t my band, perhaps I’d be dating it!”

“You know, I’m automatically attracted to music — I just start rapping to it. It’s like a magnet. Just rap. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.. “

“I think the only difference between us and the other bands is that we’re more honest and our songs are more beautiful” /// Supreme LTR

Tiny Hands is out now on all platforms! Check it out here!