DVSG back catalog

After last year’s celebration with a lot of new releases we thought it’d be cool to go back in time and dig up old shit that in some cases only been limited to vinyl. We also uploaded a few instrumental albums. More to come on this back catalog mission so keep your eyes open. Here’s Spotify links but all releases are of course available on all streaming services.

LTR – Don’t Hate The Player / Feel So Good feat. Timbuktu and Chords
LTR – Looptroopland / Heads Day Off feat. Timbuktu and Chords
LTR – Fort Europa / Looptroop Radio
LTR – Unsigned Hype EP
LTR – Schlook From Birth
LTR – Modern Day City Symphony – Instrumentals
LTR – Professional Dreamers – Instrumentals
LTR – Good Things – Instrumentals
Embee – Send Someone Away EP
LTR – Mitt Hjärta Är En Bomb – Instrumentals

The Casual Brothers – Textures

The CB’s are back and this time with a limited cassette tape!
Side 1 contains Grey EP + behind the scenes interludes while side 2 holds the two tracks from the LTR 25 project and also two brand new tunes.

For full tracklist and more info go here!

This is a 100% independent release. Recorded, copied, folded and packaged by The Casual Brothers!

The release date is November 24 but pre-order is up now in the webshop!
All orders including this tape ships November 24.

Out now and available here! Sold out!

Loose After Midnight feat. Timbuktu

“At an afterparty in an old KGB-building with fingerprints as keys, as the sun rose over St Petersburg. With an Italian mafioso who worked with the Yakuza in Tokyo. In the studio – Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg. In the back of the nightliner somewhere on the Autobahn or on a Brooklyn rooftop.”

Looptroop and Timbuktu – it’s getting loose after midnight!
The 25th and last release of the anniversary project is now out. Check it out here!

LTR25 signing out. Peace!

The Casual Brothers – Burn feat. Elzhi

Sometimes you need to reset yourself. Sometimes you need a fresh start. Sometimes you just need to burn everything behind and build something new.
That’s what The Casual Brothers’ new tune Burn is about. And since this is a global topic they looked across the Atlantic specifically towards Detroit and invited Elzhi who blessed the track and dropped some fire on the mic!

”Let’s go. Never return. We’re gon’ smile when we see everything burn. Let’s run. Leave it all behind. We won’t cry when we look back in time”

Check out Burn on your favorite streaming service!
Original photo by the great Erik Undéhn.