Sweep Me Away/Blow Me Away Video!

‘Sweep Me Away’ is one of the more suggestive and dark tracks on the ‘Professional Dreamers’ album. It’s a love song, but it also paints a picture of a cold world where liberal individualism has become our prison, and where we have a hard time reaching each other for real. ‘Blow Me Away’ is the continuation of ‘Sweep Me Away’, or the part of the song where all doubts and walls get blown away.

The main characters in the video are, apart from Looptroop Rockers, Malmö’s roller derby team Crime City Rollers. As birdlike creatures the move through time and space, between hope and despair – through concrete, metal, glass, garbage…

Director: Johanna Ritscher
Photography: Oscar Näsström
Producers: Johanna Ritscher & David Sandberg
Assistant: Truls Rosén
Editing: Carl-Johan Westregård
Grading: Roberto Duarte
Costume: Hannah Di
Make up: Maja Petrini, Anne Hansson, Makeupstudion
Production: By Johanna Ritscher & Husarrest
Special thanks to Crime City Rollers