Sunday Morning


I was on my way to the train early one Sunday morning, and the whole city was empty except for some junkies already working on getting their next fix. I started thinking about the sad irony it is that some of us try to escape from the tough world we live through drugs – but those same drugs drag us into an even more evil world. You want to break free from the scary, or sometimes boring, world – but the drugs make you get really caught up in the system you try to set yourself free from…

That’s what this month’s song is about. It’s produced by Jimmy Ledrac, and he mixed the music too. Astma recorded the vocals and mixed them – and Sören von Malmborg mastered everything in Kabul, Afghanistan (!). The artwork is designed by DhemIAK from Time will Tell as always. Download the wave here (best quality), or the mp3 here. If you want to sing along the lyrics are here.