It’s A New Day

It’s a new year, it’s a new beginning, it’s a new song called ‘New Day’.


Thanks to all the people we have worked with and met throughout 2008 – I hope to see I see you all again next year.

The plan for 2009 is, loosely, as follows: I will release my first solo album in Swedish this spring, and Embee will also be releasing solo material during that same period (rumors claim that he has two albums in the works (!) – one of them being the follow up to ‘Tellings From Solitaria’). During the summer Looptroop will start recording our new album, and release for that would realistically be early 2010. This means that Looptroop will not be touring in 09, except for some new areas (we have discussions with some people about tours in the US and in France for example – but more about that if it gets confirmed). I plan a solo tour in Sweden with my album though.

I know I said earlier that I would release an album in English on the net around this time, but I need to focus on the Swedish album. So a plan I have is to, somehow (I haven’t figured it out yet), release one song every month and then put it together as one album when all of them have been released. Whatever may happen to that plan, here’s at least the first of those songs: ‘New Day’. Spread the love!

Produced by Astma and Rocwell, released in co-operation with JuJu, DvsG and DLX. Artwork by Time Will Tell.