From bangkok to sunny beaches and back


Ok, so here´s the full report from our trip to Thailand. (or at least as much as I remember right now..)

Me and Anja was talking about what to do for my 30th birthday. I didn´t want to throw a party, (I do too much partying anyways..) so we decided to save up some money so we could go somewhere nice.
I´d never been to Thailand, so asked Dainja, who´s been there like 10 times, if he´d like to be our guide. Fortunately he was game and after some bullying and blackmailing I had convinced about 12 people to go with us.

I was very exited to enjoy a real laidback vacation, but little did I know that Nojjan aka DJ Irk aka Borstis was already in Bangkok, hooking up DJ shows and networking with writers and clubkids in the big city far east.
We did a little thing at Club Culture (BKK) the same night we landed and we even got Tha Momz to join us at the club! It wasn´t packed, but the music was bumping and I had a good time, still amazed that we were all having food and drinks together on the other side of the planet. I travel a lot with the Troop and with Timbuk, but it´s something special about exploring new places with your close family..
Our second day in BKK started with a boat trip down the river, hosted by our friend CW who spent some of his childhood years in BKK and speaks a little thai. He showed us some of the old temples after we borrowed some new gear from the temple security people.. No shorts or basketball jerseys on holy grounds!
That night was crazy. First we all had dinner at Bed supperclub.  The food was SUPER, the interior design was future/rave/gameshow (in a good way! ha ha) and the musical performance by a japanese lady was strange to say the least. Best dinner I had in a while.. Next up was the Banyan Tree skybar, which is now placed among the top three of my favourite bars worldwide. (No 1 is still Ichan´s joint in Tokyo. My people know the deal baby..) At Banyan Tree you take the elevator to the 59th floor and then the stairs up to the 61st floor.. The Vertigo Grill & Moon Bar is an open bar (as in no roof.. ha ha) and has the most beautifullest view over the city. Their bloody marys is killing competition! That was a perfect way to celebrate both jasons and my birhtday.
Since then we´ve been doing some late night clubbing, island hopping and lots of snorkeling and scuba diving. (congrats to our crewmembers who got their divers licenses!)

On Koh Tao me and Dainja met up with Rob Cooper who´s a signpainter and woodcarver/fontmaker/goodguy.. Dainja had visited him some years back, and he looked happy to see his fellow typographer again! I got a lot of inspiration just looking at his little workshop and pictures of signs he made, and we were both totally impressed with how good this guy is with his handwriting and all over craftmanship. Not very much is handmade nowadays and it was cool to hang out with a real master of letters and style.. He actually made a wood sign for Dainja and wrote some calligraphy that we hopefully will use for some future designs! (if I had more time I´d go study under this guy, sweep his floors or something..)
Today we´re back in Bangkok. We picked up some new stickers that we printed over here and they look perfect! Busyness and pleasure you know..
I had some delicious tuna sashimi and bought a fake watch, so I feel like I´m at least almost ready to go home. Only one more day out here! Kinda sucks to fly back to cold Sweden but we´ve got bizniz to attend to and people to see.
Hope i didn´t bore y´all to death, I´ll get better at this shit as we go along. (and sorry if my spelling´s not 100%)
Stay up my friends! / Supreme LTR. DVSG.