Embudo – Blue Notes In Full Color

Blue Notes In Full Color is the culmination of a trans-Atlantic collaboration between Stockholm, Sweden-based Embee (Looptroop Rockers) and Seattle, WA-based Budo (Macklemore). The two met while touring the US together in 2009, became fast friends, and began collaborating together in 2012. Blue Notes In Full Color is a journey through psychedelic tapestries of sound. It is at once expansive and emotional, epic and intimate. It will carry you across genres and into beautifully uncharted territory, and yet is firmly rooted in the Hip Hop background that both of these musicians hold close. It is an experience worthy of headphones and massive systems alike. We love this record, and hope you’ll join us as we dig into Blue Notes In Full Color.
Artwork by Matt Flowers for Wax Era.

Check it out here: https://ltr25.lnk.to/BlueNotesInFullColor

LTR 25 playlist on Spotify: LTR 25.