Promoe’s New Album in Swedish!



Looptroop är inte bara Sveriges största hiphopgrupp genom tiderna vid sidan av avsomnade The Latin Kings. De är dessutom utan tvekan den mest framgångsrika svenska hiphopexporten – ständigt på turné i såväl Sverige som utlandet.

Men när den skäggprydde frontmannen Promoe släpper sitt femte soloalbum är det inte bara på nytt bolag utan även på nytt språk – för första gången släpper han ett helt album på svenska. Albumet, som fått titeln ”Kråksången”, släpps den 22 April på Juju Records.

Promoe har fyra soloalbum och fyra album med Looptroop i ryggen – alla på engelska. Under den mer än tio år långa karriären har Promoe släppt låtar på svenska på vinyltolvor och samlingsskivor och levererat svenska gästverser på album med bl.a Timbuktu och Afasi & Filthy men han har aldrig tidigare gjort ett helt album på modersmålet.

På ”Kråksången” medverkar producenter som Astma, Filthy, DJ Large och Jimmy Ledrac samt gästvokalister som Timbuktu, Supreme, Afasi, PSTQ och Vincent.

Astma-producerade “Detta Har Hänt” är första smakprovet från “Kråksången”. Du kan ladda ner den gratis på länkarna nedan, i både mp3 och wav. Sprid den gärna.

För intervjuer, pressbilder och mer information om Promoe kontakta

Gbg Film Festival

 Last night we did a late hour show at the opening party for Göteborgs 32nd film festival. Massive party. Amazing people. Thank you all, and thank you Kalle and Fredrik for pulling the strings. As the tradition goes I was also coach for a bunch of actors doing their thing on the decks during the night. Carl-Johan De Geer, Lia Boysen, Cecilia Frode, Mikael Marcimain, Amanda Ooms, Mark Levengood & Alexandra Dahlström all rocked it well! I also had parisians Jerome and Sebastien from Folistar over, shooting a documentary in the studio and filming the show. Check out their work at P e a c e






It’s A New Day

It’s a new year, it’s a new beginning, it’s a new song called ‘New Day’.


Thanks to all the people we have worked with and met throughout 2008 – I hope to see I see you all again next year.

The plan for 2009 is, loosely, as follows: I will release my first solo album in Swedish this spring, and Embee will also be releasing solo material during that same period (rumors claim that he has two albums in the works (!) – one of them being the follow up to ‘Tellings From Solitaria’). During the summer Looptroop will start recording our new album, and release for that would realistically be early 2010. This means that Looptroop will not be touring in 09, except for some new areas (we have discussions with some people about tours in the US and in France for example – but more about that if it gets confirmed). I plan a solo tour in Sweden with my album though.

I know I said earlier that I would release an album in English on the net around this time, but I need to focus on the Swedish album. So a plan I have is to, somehow (I haven’t figured it out yet), release one song every month and then put it together as one album when all of them have been released. Whatever may happen to that plan, here’s at least the first of those songs: ‘New Day’. Spread the love!

Produced by Astma and Rocwell, released in co-operation with JuJu, DvsG and DLX. Artwork by Time Will Tell.