Available worldwide now: LTR x Halos snapback + 7″ vinyl pack!


The limited @allcityhalos x @looptroopdvsg collaboration hat and 7″ vinyl single pack is here! Available worldwide online at shop.looptrooprockers.com and shop.allcityhalos.com! Check out the video here: http://youtu.be/KDN5bWJ_Dg8. Spotify: Looptroop Rockers – Halos iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/halos-single/id965222753
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“Naked Swedes” album out now!


Finally our new album is out! Here’s some links to both digital as well as physical stores where you can find it.
And here is when you’ll be able to get it through digital platforms in your country:
Scandinavia – October 29 / Rest of the world – October 31 / USA – November 4

Spotify / Wimp / iTunes / Deezer

Bengans (CD) / Bengans (LP)
Ginza (CD) / Ginza (LP)
Jakarta (LP+7”)
Prosto (CD)
HHV.de (CD) / HHV.de (LP)
Fnac.fr (CD) / Fnac.fr (LP)
Amazon.de (CD)
Ceneo.pl (CD)
Empik.pl (CD)

Slippin’ (Video)
Another Love Song (Video)

And also to celebrate the album release we’re having a sale over at shop.looptrooprockers.com! 25% off all items!