Dressed to Kill Under a Full Moon

Finally, on the last day of July – here’s the July song! ‘Dressed to Kill Under a Full Moon’ is produced by Jimmy Ledrac, mixed by Astma and Jimmy Ledrac, mastered by Sören von Malmborg at Cosmos. I wrote and performed the vocal parts and Time Will Tell once again hit me with the wicked artwork. Enjoy!


Wav: Dressed to Kill Under a Full Moon
Mp3: Dressed to Kill Under a Full Moon
Lyrics: Dressed to Kill Under a Full Moon

wheels of fire

As a few of you already know, I’m doing tourmanaging for Timbuktu & Damn! in Scandinavia this summer. We had a great weekend with shows in Landskrona, the Hultsfred festival in Sweden and at the Stavern festival in Norway. Promoe joined us at Hultsfred’s main Hawaii stage on friday and he rocked it solo with Spiderdogs on saturday!

Everything was super good, but this morning i woke up by a voice saying – Man, you better get up.. I think the bus might be on fire..


We had to wake everyone up and evacuate. Thanks to our driver and friend Emil from Bussbolaget everyone was ok and we got most of our stuff out of the burning nightliner. Nobody was hurt and we are thankful for that. But we will miss the bus! We spent so much time in there over the years.. Both with LTR and with Timbuktu & Damn! Emil is my hero of the day!


The firefighters put out the flames..



Peace! / ´preme LTR – happy to be alive!  Thank you Emil!

boogie down bucharest

It’s been quite some time since we performed together as LTR and we were looking forward to the show at B’estfest. Promoe did a show with Spiderdogs the day before in Hamburg and we were supposed to meet up around noon on Saturday. When I arrived at the hotel in Bucharest, Schumi told us that Embee’s flight from Gothenburg to Vienna had been canceled! So he was on his way to Frankfurt and hopefully he’d be on a plane to Bucharest just to arrive 15 minutes before stagetime! That was a little unexpected..
Me and Promoe did a couple of interviews and got ready for the stage. No news from Embee.. The organizers told us they would have him pass thru where the diplomats go at passport control and that their best and fastest (!!!) driver was to pick him up. Finally we got the call that his plane had landed (of course a few minutes late..) and we all met up behind the stage. It took us 25 minutes from the airport to the festival, Embee was there in 9!
Despite all the stress, the show was good and I was surprised to see so many people knowing the lyrics to our songs! Thank you all for the support!


A lot of people showed up for the meet & greet after the show.. We signed autographs and took photos for almost two hours!


Santana was headlining. I wish we had that budget for lights and visuals..



The backstage catering ran out of food (!) so we had to get a few pizzas before we headed back to the hotel for a bottle of wine and some late night scheming..


The new DVSG / NTRL TLNT shirt that is almost sold out..

Peace! / Supreme LTR