stockholm was sold out!

The Stockholm show at Allhuset was sold out yesterday and the crowd was crazy! Thank you so much for making it such a great night! We had a blast and it’s always nice to know that the venue will be packed with people who actually got their tickets in advance and hopefully are looking forward to the show. It’s like some kind of tension in the air and everybody knows that the place is about to explode later on!

Big ups to Irk aka Nojjan and the Traffic Crew for making it happen!

It kinda feels like we’re back in binniz with the tour popping off right now. Yesterday was the first night with our friends Dj Dainja and Form One, who will join us for the upcoming shows, and we’re happy to welcome them on the road!

So, tourlife again.. Nightliner bunks. Hotel rooms. No sleep. Bad catering. Good catering. Carrying backline. New people. Familiar faces. Adrenaline. Soundchecks. Parties. Old friends. Music. Music. Music.

See y’all soon in a venue near you! peace / ´preme LTR




thank you christiania!

yeah! now we’re in tour-mode again! boom!

it started with a bang – den grå hall in christiania/copenhagen was packed! more than 1500 people came out to see us yesterday and they really showed love! thank you, all of you! (i wish i had some pics from the venue, but i was running around on stage..)

we stayed in this little house in christiania, i think it’s usually a day-care center for the local kids.


..and stockholm – see y’all tonight at allhuset!    peace! / ´preme LTR


dvsg – 10 years of independent music!

Yep yep, the album is finally out!

We celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our label – David vs Goliath!

Just got the fitteds from LA, and they’re super nice! produced by ELM company in sunny California, in three different sizes. (sz 7 1/4, sz 7 3/8, sz 7 5/8)

we got the DVSG – 10yrs hat (only 72 pcs made worldwide!), and two colors of the NTRL TLNT hat (only 36 made of each color worldwide!). NTRL TLNT is our design group. (Supreme, Cosmic, Dainja)

the hats will ONLY be sold on tour! (450kr – 50€)