Focus on France

Tomorrow early we’re flying down to Paris to a show at Elysée Montmartre wit the Scandinavian Invasion as you might already know. The show is for free so make sure to come early to be sure to be let in – doors open at 7 pm. You can order the album here!

get the song played!

to our swedish friends!

hjälp oss få radion att spela “The Building” genom att maila till –   och be dom om låten!

tack för hjälpen!  / LTR


It’s a Saturday, a don’t-matter-day. I’m still in Oslo, but the rest of the guys have left for home. I’m going cross country skiing like all real hiphoppers do – that’s why I’m sticking around for some days until it’s time to go to Paris next week.

We’ve done two shows at Bylarm here in Oslo, and Embee and Supreme have done a couple of dj gigs too. The shows were short but with a couple of new songs which always makes it a little harder. But I felt like the response was good to the new songs so I’m real excited to release this new album and start doing the new songs to people who have already heard them and love to sing along. This is what the set list looked like. Written on the classic paper plate, and as you can see it contains some unfamiliar names:


the world’s biggest backstage:


It’s official!


April 23 is the date you should mark up in your calendars. That’s when we’re releasing “Good Things”, our 4th and soon to be classic album if I may say so. And I may cus this is our blog. We’ve worked with Rakaa Iriscience of the Dilated Peoples, Cunninglynguists, Timbuktu, Adam Tensta, Mapei, Lazee, Allyawan, Alibi and Svante Lodén of Damn! for this one. Not all of the songs we did with those artists will be featured on the album, but we hope that they all will come out somehow for you to enjoy. Next week we’re dropping the new single “The Building” – a certified Wax Cabinet banger! The video is crazy. Shot in Los Angeles and Skåne by our good friend Simon Klose who also made the Standard Bearer dvd.

In the meantime just marinate on this… A sneak preview of one of the songs from the album: