Freedom of speech… yey!

I was cleaning my desktop when I found this document that a friendly soul sent me last year. It’s in Swedish and it says that a person wanted P3 (state owned radio) to be tried for playing “Murder Murdoch”. According to the person P3 violated their duty to be politically impartial by playing it, but the authority ruling in these cases (Granskningsnämnden) took no action against P3 – so it’s ok to play the song. That’s freedom of speech at it’s best!

I just thought about the consequences a conviction would have had. So many songs are political, most of them I would say. I mean, doesn’t most of the bling bling rappers advocate capitalism for example? They’re extremely political in my book. Maybe I should write to Granskningsnämnden about that…


The teacha!

A friend of mine, Ruskig, started a hiphop school a while ago and he asked me be a guest teacher there. So this week and the next me and the students are comparing the differences between recording in a digital and an analog studio. I haven’t personally recorded on tape since 2001 and Government Music so I enjoy just being in the studio watching the tape roll. This is a clip of Jacke doing his thing over a DJ Large beat.

Night Before Mastering


As usual, some snares were too loud, some dubs had to go, some bass tones get automated and so on and on. Thought I was done with the mixing last Friday but had to rush up to the studio in Västerås again today. Last minute decisions are always made and they are as creepy as always… We still haven’t decided on one track, if it will be on or off the album. Might be a long night.

Anyway friends, besides this-the album is DONE. And we’re a really happy and proud boy group about it. Expect something superextravagant in April . Djeeeahhh.

Mastering tomorrow, then some serious chillin’. Kind of like I did in my brother’s work’s chair the other day.

Working again

This is what I did today, back in the cold Swedish reality – even though it feels great to be working again…
I uploaded a couple of new songs to my myspace – 2 tracks that I did with other artists for their projects: “Radio” with RockBottom (US) and “12 Dziesma” with Akis (Latvia). By the way, you didn’t miss “This is what I look like naked” and “Faluja (dub version)” that I added a while ago right?! Other than that I’ve been working on my Swedish album. On a real evil beat from my man Jimmy Ledrac. And after going for a run with P. $chumi I found this clip from a rehearsal we did in the ex Wax Cabinet late last year. Embee made the mash up during the summer I think, but this is recorded before we did a show in Sälen in December.