yo yo yo!


All of a sudden, i’m in Thailand with my family and friends, turning 30 years old on a rooftop bar overlooking the city of angels – Bangkok. It’s my first time in Thailand and everythings been real nice so far. Great food, great people.. i’ll update you more when i get back home to my computer. (i’m on a PC at an internet cafe at the moment.. bu hu.)
Right now we’re on the island of Koh Tao and last night we did a DJ set at club AC. Me and Promoe did a little screaming and Timbuk, Dainja and Irk was spinning records! My mom got a new job as head of security, she was really good! People don’t mess with mothers, even if they’re so drunk they can’t speak.. (the kids, not the momz. ha ha) i left at 4AM but i think Timbuk and the merciless DJ Irk stayed with my brother at the club until 6 something.. Thank you’s to everybody who made it a great night!
Now i’ll try too book our flights back to bangkok and go eat lunch with my girl.. see you all soon, i’m getting ready for a real hectic 2008!

/Supreme and The Swedish Entourage