wien & paris!

The Diversidad thing at WUK was cool, but the weather in Wien was way too hot! A lot of people came out (the place was packed) and even though the limiters in the venue seemed to be calibrated wrong in some way (the sound was really low..) we had a good time on stage.

Last night we performed at Le Zenith, a biiiiiiiiig venue in Paris, at one of the shows included in the Paris Hip Hop Festival. We had no time for soundcheck, but I think the whole thing turned out good for us.. Introducing the sounds of LTR to a new crowd! Taking over the world baby – slowly but surely.
We hung out with Leeroy from Saïan Supa Crew, who came out to see us with his partner Tonyox. Later on that night I met up with our good friend Fred who took me for a ride thru night-time Paris on his scooter, and we had a few drinks in Belleville.

Right now we’re on the train to Borlänge, we’re doing a show tonight at the Peace&Love Festival.

Big up to George at Borderblaster! Peace / Supreme LTR


The view from my room in Wien!


LTR at the Funkhaus. Wien Radio.


Schumi at work.


Day off in Paris!


They finally gave Embee his own station. We’ve been on their back about this for years…


Le Zenith, just before the doors opened.


Fred and his scooter outside of the famous Moulin Rouge!