The Mellow Turning Moment

My album is now available to pre-order at Bengans!

Featured artists: Erik Undéhn (The Early Days), Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide), Daniel Lemma, J.P George, Maia Hirasawa, Nikola Sarcevic (Millencolin), Nina Ramsby, Mariam Wallentin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums), san (antennasia), Håkan Svensson (Nationalteatern) Fabian Kallerdahl (Music Music Music). Artwork by Ink Graphix.

It will be released on Feburary 24th in Scandinavia with release dates in the rest of the world to be announced soon. You can pre-order from anywhere in the world though and still get it on the day of the Scandinavian release! Don’t miss out on getting your copy before everyone else. Signed by yours truly, no less.

The first single is called A Day at a Time and features long time friend and collaborator Daniel Lemma. Below you will find links where you can download, stream through Spotify or watch us perform the track live at Musikhjälpen! I also put together a slide show of pictures taken during the Strange Journey US Tour to it.


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