Song of the month – Special Looptroop Edition!


November marks the end of my solo tour, and the beginning of the Looptroop tour in the US – and the beginning of the process of (slowly) making a new Looptroop album too.

I wanna thank everybody that have come to a show on the Promoe tour this year, it has been a great journey! And I wanna thank Spiderdogs, Perry, Vladi, Vanessa, Beldina, Kristin and Mofeta that have joined me on the tour.

To mark the coming of this new Looptroop chapter in the US, this month’s song is a Looptroop song called ‘Radiation’! It was recorded at The Violent Authority Studios and The Wax Cabinet. Music courtesy of Embee, and lyrics courtesy of CosMIC, Supreme and Promoe. Graphics courtesy of Time Will Tell. Mixed and mastered by Embee in The Wax Cabinet.

Download the mp3 here!

Download the WAV here!