reykjavik gets rowdy!

Reykjavik is always a great place for us, and this time was no different!Even though the airline lost ALL our backline (no microphones, no in-ear, no drum-machine..) we still managed to do two good shows.

The first show was for the younger crowd and the second one was 20+. The early gig was cool (thanks to everybody who came out to see us!) and the late show was packed! The crowd were really into the show, but the security was a big problem.. Or the lack of security! Thank you for being such an hyper crowd, but it’s hard to perform when you see people in the front get hurt. Specially when there’s girls getting crushed into the fence. The venue needs to look into their security situation!

Big ups to Rob for bringing us out, and thank you everyone who’s supporting us in the beautiful city of Reykjavik! I hope we’ll be back soon!



Reykjavik heads know what team they roll with – DVSG!


This is around 02 something.. It never gets dark!


/ Supreme, reporting from the Moon.