we’re back from a long weekend. mucho fun and not so mucho sleep..

on thursday morning we flew out to paris to catch up with the guys from the french label Borderblaster, who put together a show with scandinavian hiphop acts at the Elysée Montmartre.  we got to hang out with our partnaz Timbuktu, Chords and Moe Twist and the label had also brought out some people we don’t see that often like Lazee, Form One, Astma, Henok, Tommy T, Son of Light, Nalija, Junior Natural and Vincent.
it all started out kinda chaotic with a pretty sketchy soundcheck, but everything turned out nice.. the venue filled up and the crowd was good. we all had to cut our sets short, so it was a little hard to really get into it, but the people seemed happy anyways!
after the gig Promoe and Embee went to see the CunninLynguists show (they performed in paris the same night) and me and Perry went to a club called Favela Chic to meet up with Timbuk and some friends. we ran into Naeem from Spankrock at some fashion party on our way to meet Mapei, who was also in town, but she escaped us somehow..
friday was pressday and we did the Generations radioshow and an interview with swedish TV. we got some time off in the city and had dinner together at a spot called Hôtel du Nord..   good times galore! i hope we can go back soon!

got up early on saturday to get on the flight for Zurich. we had a show in Laax at a venue called Riders Palace, a two hour drive away from Zurich. but our flight was delayed cus of bad weather and our sound engineer Vladi, who traveled from Stockholm, got stuck all day in random planes and airports. but he made it and so did we..
the venue was nice and the crowd was crazy! this was the last show (i think..) until the album drops and it feels perfect to have this show in our heads when we start to get ready for the upcoming tour!
thank you everybody at Riders Palace!
peace / supreme LTR
(promoe probly has some better pics..)