My foot

I sprained my ankle the day before yesterday (like so many times before playing basketball or handball) while I was shooting a video in Finland with the Conscious Youths. I was jumping up and down like a mad man and suddenly I stepped on something… It hurt pretty bad and I couldn’t continue shooting the video – except for some shots lying and sitting down. Then I left for the hotel and I had to hop on one leg the whole way to my room. Of course the receptionist put me in the room furthest away from the elevator… I was fucking soaked when I got to the room, slept for 2 hours and had to catch a flight back home.

I gotta big up the airport assistance crew though, who rolled me in a wheelchair from check in to the plane, and then another one from the plane all the way to where the trains go to Malmö:


(Notice that’s Falk on the wheelchair! Same company who are notorious for beating up graff writers in Sweden. No love for Falk security of course, but the girl who pushed me in that wheelchair was real kind and helpful.)

On another note I talked to the guys in Conscious Youths and told them I couldn’t be in the group. I don’t know if you know this, but I was for a while – but I soon noticed that I didn’t have enough time to get as involved as I needed to – to really feel a part of the group. I’ll be a guest on their album though, which is soon to be released.