hiphop kemp

We had high expectations for Hiphop Kemp this year, and we were really happy with the show! The organization at the main stage was pretty much chaotic (that’s why we were delayed more than two hours..) but the crowd was live and when we finally entered the stage we felt their massive support! Thank you!


Our hotel. We didn’t get to spend no time in our rooms, because of the delay.. After the show it was straight back to the airport. Phuu.. Raplife.


Stress! Promoe is kinda like N.O.R.E. – On the Run Eating.


We met up with some old friends from Sweden. Mary Ann & Sheila a.k.a Da Shadlimz! Big ups!


The crowd, a few hours before our show..


Ginger & Lemon galore!


This is Oliver Tiger. He’s was rocking a custom LTR-tee and seemed to be pretty much exhausted from screaming and jumping during the show.. His dad Affro runs the whole festival.


I felt the same way when picking up my bag at the hotel. Exactly ZERO seconds of sleep. Show tomorrow..