Embee in Japan

Got back from Japan a little while ago. Had a really great time as usual and spread the Looptroop Rockers-legacy all over the Tokyo and Sendai areas. Big up to Heartbeats, Antennasia, Moonlinx, One Peace , The Room, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Amarant, Fuji Pacific Music, Noriko, Tadafumi & Next Century Modern!

Since I was out of business cards I had to make a new one.

Overlooking southern Shibuya from my window.

Heartbeats always roll extravagant style. The Konrad Hotel, with a view of the Rainbow Bridge, famous from Mario Kart. Shuya Okino from Tokyo Jazz Massive is currently in charge of the music at the hotel, but you might be able to hear some Embeats in the future if you happen to pass by.

Late night sticker-promoting at Shibuya Crossing with Arayah. Last time I was in Tokyo, me and my girlfriend decided to bicycle across this huge crossing during rush-hour. That footage might end up as a commercial for my upcoming album when it hits the shelves.

Hustling at Hachiko.

Hustling at the Fuji Pacific Music’s office. This is Keiji Miura-famous from the swedish TV-show “Stor i Japan”. I have to check that episode. He’s a big fan of Naïve and also introduced me to the top 5 japan hit by the swedish band Caramel. A hit song in swedish is pretty impressive.

They’re not the fastest in the world anymore, but Tokyo-Sendai in three hours is still a quick ride.

San and Nerve in the Sendai subway. They form the band Antennasia and just released their album Velo-City Remixed that you have to check out on Lemongrass Music. I’ve got a track on that one and we recorded a new one in their studio now.


Nerve got me on to these fabulous ear speakers that I finally managed to pick up back in Tokyo. Now they find their home in the Cabinet. Buy quality, cry once.

My brother manages a Freaks Market in Ochanomizu. He needs to update me more often.

Riyo from One Peace Music. The spider in the Tokyo hiphop net. I’m jealous of his MPC 3000.

The owner Sato-san and tonight’s DJ at The Room. A place you have to visit when in Tokyo. Jazz, Hiphop, Soul, Funk & Reggae at its best. After many attempts to persuade the bartender (in my quite limited japanese) to sell me their specially designed beer glasses they finally gave me four of them for free. They really shine in our kitchen shelf. Domo.

On the last night, we threw a party in a bar in Naka Meguro. Some fortunate, early visitors managed to get Looptroop-condoms. This is the hilarious Ark-san and his friends. Big fan of Axl Rose.