I just came home from two busy days in Paris. I was invited to do a song with great line up of European artists: Baloji (Belgium), Curse (Germany), Noora Noor (Norway), Sam the Kid (Portugal), Mucho Muchacho (Spain), Akhenaton (France), Shurik’n (France), Nikkfurie (France), Abd al Malik (France), Cruzfader (Brazil actuall) – and Spike Miller (France) made the beat. Which you won’t hear in this clip that only features my verse acapella (but what a verse!)… And I know I always wear that t-shirt in every clip, but I gotta represent for my label mates (our record company put such a clause in our contract…). I had a great time and I wanna send a shout to all the artists and the people who made it possible (La Cosca and George from Border Blasters specifically!). I’ll post the song here when it’s ready.