DVSG Forever!

Swedish TV4 made a report today about the legal wall for writers in Skellefteå.. The police would really like to stop it. We got a little shout out!

Finally got to see those decks!

We finally got the package with the decks we did with Sweet Skateboards. The look super good!
They´re already up in the swedish webshop and we’ll get a few to the international shop as well. But now we’ve got some to bring to the shows this summer!

New Tee!

We put up a new tee in the both our webshops this morning!
Check it out..

Promoe Portrait

I got this pic from Nalu the other day.. Dopeness!

Keep sending stuff!

När jag o Tommy var i Burlöv…

Me and Cosmic left Västerås in 95 to stay in Malmö for about a year. If you know anything about the graff scene in Malmö nowadays, you may be surprised to hear that back in the mid nineties there was hardly a scene worth mentioning. We felt like Västerås was way more hardcore (as you can see from the comments in our sketches made in Finsta’s book back in 96) – and there weren’t a lot of other things to be proud of from Västerås back then.