Män som Hatar Kvinnor

I’m teaching rap at a hiphop school for two weeks, and I gave the students an assignment that I did myself as well. We all chose a song to make a new version of, using some of the ideas from the original song – but adding our own flavor to it. My choice was Tenor Saw’s ‘Golden Hen’ – and my version is called ‘Män som Hatar Kvinnor’. Download it here!

Recorded by Kapten Röd at his studio – big up!

Promoe+Spiderdogs=The Truth

This Friday I was in Stockholm doing interviews. I did one for UR’s show ‘Garage’ where I also played my next single – I don’t when they’re going to air it, but I think it’ll be next month. As you can see below I did it with the fonky fly Spiderdogs band (ok, I managed to cover Chris and Jerre’s covering Jonathan, and the bass player is outside the picture to the right – but they’re all there!), and I will be touring with them for my Swedish album this year. Tour dates will come up as soon as I get them from my booking agent. See you out there!


radio raheem


For our Swedish friends..

Jag ska vara gäst-programledare för Hallå P3 imorgon mellan 10.00-11.00. Ring in och diskutera!

Peace / `preme LTR


Bureaucrazy is a song I did with Cosmic and Tenor Diamond back in 2005, and by popular demand you can download it here. If you’d rather by it on vinyl 7″,you can do that here.

stencil style

Swix The Stencilist sent me this pic from an undergound club called Satta in Vilnius, Lithuania. The name and adress of the club is only spread by word of mouth an my man Swix was asked to do some decorations for one of their parties!
Looking good!
Peace / ´preme LTR



I’ve started writing a blog (in Swedish) that I call Gammelmedia (Old Media) on Gringo’s new site. The name of the blog might reflect my ambiguous feelings for blogs, and I’m not sure I can produce texts in the pace I’m supposed to. But check it out if you want, I just wrote about the racist comments made by police in Malmö that has been heavily debated the last week.