Män som Hatar Kvinnor

I’m teaching rap at a hiphop school for two weeks, and I gave the students an assignment that I did myself as well. We all chose a song to make a new version of, using some of the ideas from the original song – but adding our own flavor to it. My choice was Tenor Saw’s ‘Golden Hen’ – and my version is called ‘Män som Hatar Kvinnor’. Download it here!

Recorded by Kapten Röd at his studio – big up!

Promoe+Spiderdogs=The Truth

This Friday I was in Stockholm doing interviews. I did one for UR’s show ‘Garage’ where I also played my next single – I don’t when they’re going to air it, but I think it’ll be next month. As you can see below I did it with the fonky fly Spiderdogs band (ok, I managed to cover Chris and Jerre’s covering Jonathan, and the bass player is outside the picture to the right – but they’re all there!), and I will be touring with them for my Swedish album this year. Tour dates will come up as soon as I get them from my booking agent. See you out there!



I’ve started writing a blog (in Swedish) that I call Gammelmedia (Old Media) on Gringo’s new site. The name of the blog might reflect my ambiguous feelings for blogs, and I’m not sure I can produce texts in the pace I’m supposed to. But check it out if you want, I just wrote about the racist comments made by police in Malmö that has been heavily debated the last week.