The Rockers @ the Grammy’s 2009


Fellow friends. The Rockers have been nominated in the dance/hiphop/soul catagory @ the 2009 Grammy Award in Sweden. Make sure to vote for them HERE!


(PS. You gotta vote for nr.1, 2 and 3.. So make sure to vote for our boy Chords as well! It’s in Swedish, but it says – vote for three acts, leave your e-mail adress. You’re getting a mail back from the Grammy Awards with a link. Click the link to confirm your vote!   Peace / ´preme)

Yours Schumi.

Flashback of the week pt 4

The year was 2000, we were going to do a show at the Roskilde festival in Denmark – and we had huge expectations. ‘Modern Day City Symphony’ had dropped in April that same year and we had been building a buzz on the scene since 96 really – and now we were ready to hit the big stages!

The crowd was ready too! There were a lot of people in the tent that night, and although there were other hiphop acts from Sweden and the US – I think Petter and I know MC Serch from 3rd Bass were there – I felt like most people were there to see us that night. If that’s true or not is of course hard to tell, but that was our honest feeling.

Anyway, there were a lot of delays on stage that night and since we were playing last we were getting a bit worried when everything was getting pushed further and further back. It’s classic that things get delayed on a hiphop night, and back then was nothing different. A Danish group I don’t want to remember the name of had problems with their dat player (!), and instead of letting them pay for their incompetence with their own stage time we – as the last act – were getting punished. Then Mc Serch had soooo many things to say to the crowd and the clock was ticking… and ticking…

Finally it was our friends Timbuk’s and Spotrunners’ turn to go on stage – and after them we were supposed to play. Most of the people had left because the hour was mad late. And then the stage manager dropped the bomb on us: we wouldn’t be allowed to do our set because they had a curfew and the police were very strict.

We lost it! Especially me and Embee who came this close to starting a fight with the stage manager (this was before we had Schumi as a tour manager to handle these kind of situations for us) – and we are definitely not the fighting kind! Apart from feeling like the whole crowd had been there to see us we had also been camping in the camping area of the festival for three days in mud and rain and shit and cold just to do this show! So we were absolutely furious…

Then Timbuk heard about it and brought us on stage towards the end of his set to let us do two or three songs. That’s when I got a spray can from someone in the crowd and wrote our opinion about the festival’s treatment of us on the front drop on stage (see pic below). So the guards rushed on stage and dragged me off, but I got back somehow and we at least did ‘Long Arm of the Law’ as I recall.

After that we left the whole circus mad as hell. This was the same year when people died at the big stage at the Pearl Jam show. So we vowed to never come back to this awful festival (note that I had been coming to Roskilde ever since 93 and I loved it), but I was back again in 2002. And since then I’ve been there every year. It’s a hate love kind of thing.

Martin Ringstrand took the photo:


One Love in Wroclaw

I went on a solo mission to Wroclaw in Poland last week to do a show at the One Love Sound Fest. Well, together with Dj Large, Schumi and Vladi of course. We did some new songs and a lot of old stuff. It’s always hard to do a solo show, but we had a good time like we always do in Poland. Peace to Kuba and the East West Rockers and the people at Hala Ludowa! And peace to for some of the pics.


Not the most fitting sponsor for a reggae festival I must say…


But I had my own, rootical, energy drink sponsor, so I was cool.


The crowd was large.


But I had Dj Large by my side, so I was cool.

tour mngmnt

This last week I’ve been doing tourmanaging for Timbuktu & Damn! in Sweden and on the Viking Line ferry to Åland.. It’s been pretty hectic but also real cool. Schumi is on the job this week in Norway and then I’ll be back the following week, before we tour with LTR in December! Right now I’m just going to lay low for a few days..


Our backline production is amazing.



Big C from Juju Rec! Doing it big, making it happen..



After the Viking Line trip, we arrived back in Stockholm. Got up at 03.10 to do a morning TV show at Swedish TV 4.. Phuu..


This is a take over! Remove yourselves!

Peace / Supreme LTR