So, finally the summer is here and I can’t wait for the festivals!

We had a good show in Linköping (Thanks to everyone at Platens bar!) and yesterday we did our first swedish festival this summer – Siesta! (pics here!) Good vibes galore!

We performed early, so after the show and some interviews we drove to Malmö. Party at my place..




Last thing i saw was Big Jimmy & Samer.. (på möllan!)

Thank you to everyone who rocked the shows with us! Tonight it’s on – KB, Malmö!

thank you örebro!

Yesterday in Örebro was cool. Me, Schumi, Dainja and Yodith got some new ink done by our friends at Waterproof Tattoos. Our friend Daniel Halén hooked me up, and since it was his b-day, we celebrated at the pre-party that Danne at We örebro had arranged!

The show was good, but it was way too hot in the club!

Big up Hassan and crew, and thanks to Satin for bringing us! Peace! / ´preme LTR




Flashback of the week pt 2

I got this live version of “Jag sköt Palme” sent to me by Torsten who wondered what beat we were rapping over (it’s “Keep it thorough” by Prodigy). It was recorded at Hultsfredsfestivalen ’01 or ’02, and it features Freestyle (I love it when he’s ad libbing in Swedish!). Vi ses på Hultsfred! Here’s the download.